Surveillance Technology

Surveillance technology plays a major part in today's security industry. Our high-tech surveillance system can protect your property from theft and burglars.We can also provide monitoring of your facility from our state-of-the-art central command centerto further improve on safety.

Biometric / Access Control

Access control systems can be used to secure all types of entryways including: telephone entry systems, video door phones, card readers and even fingerprint scanners. At Hogan Technologies, we offer a full spectrum of access control systems.

Asset Management

We can help keep track of all your assets in stock or in use, tangible and intangible. Be it contracts, hardware, software, and other configuration items with up-to-date information of all assets.We will set up simple automation functions on your asset in order to leverage the built-in capabilities to handle all your manual efforts.

Control Room Setup / Monitoring

We make you feel relaxed and more comfortable whilst we take up the responsibility of watching your CCTV cameras and tracked assets from our sophisticated central command center.

Fence Technology

Fences are important to keep your home and business safe and secure. However, the state-of-the-art technology is futile if it is not used correctly. At Hogan Technologies, we are specialists in perimeter security, and we can secure your property by hiring the latest technology on fences.

Technology Security Gadgets

It is our plan to serve our clients with the best and as a matter of fact, we have helped clients invest in Technology Service gadgets which helped them take control over their properties and assets and giving them peace of mind.

Radio Communication

Communication is the key in business and we understand the plight and frustration experienced when communication has been breached or the end user is not reachable especially when an urgent message needs to be passed across.